Payment Procedure

At 247 Pharm Plus, we prioritize a seamless shopping experience for our customers. This Payment Policy outlines the accepted payment methods and related details to ensure transparent transactions. Kindly note that all transactions are processed in accordance with US regulations and guidelines.

2. Accepted Payment Methods:

For the convenience of our customers, 247 Pharm Plus accepts the following payment methods for all transactions:

  • Bitcoin: Ensure that your Bitcoin wallet is funded to facilitate the payment. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

  • Zelle: Use your banking application or the standalone Zelle app to transfer funds directly from your bank account.

  • Apple Pay: Use your Apple device to process a safe, encrypted payment. Ensure that your Apple Pay is set up correctly with your bank details.

  • Bank Transfer: Transfer funds directly from your bank account. Banking details for 247 Pharm Plus will be provided at checkout. Note: Please include your order number in the payment reference for faster processing.

  • Cashapp: Use the Cashapp application to transfer the amount. Our Cashapp details will be provided at checkout.

3. Transaction Currency:

All transactions will be processed in USD (United States Dollar).

4. Security:

We take payment security very seriously. While payment methods like Bitcoin, Zelle, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, and Cashapp are known for their security features, always ensure you’re sending payments to the official 247 Pharm Plus account details provided at checkout.

5. Payment Confirmation:

Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your order and payment amount. Please keep this for your records.

6. Failed or Declined Payments:

In case your payment is declined or fails:

  • Check if you’ve provided the correct payment details.
  • Ensure that your account has sufficient funds.
  • Contact your bank or payment service provider for more details.

7. Refunds:

Please refer to our Refunds Policy for information related to refunds and cancellations.

8. Limitations:

At the moment, 247 Pharm Plus only serves customers within the United States, and all accepted payment methods are limited to those available and operational within the country.

9. Changes to This Policy:

247 Pharm Plus reserves the right to update or modify this Payment Policy at any time. It’s advisable for customers to review the policy periodically.